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Wrongful Death

When a loved one is killed, our world is turned upside down. There is a lot to process, and legal questions are often the last thing that families want to confront. But sadness and grief too often give way to the hardship of medical bills, funeral expenses, and the of loss of a vital income. When that tragedy is due to an accident, it is vital to act quickly to understand legal options and preserve evidence. At Hogan Law Firm we are dedicated to providing compassionate and diligent legal representation. We believe that those who cause death of an innocent person through carelessness or negligence should be held accountable. You and your family may be entitled to recover damages that can reduce the burden of emotional and financial losses.

When Should A Lubbock Wrongful Death Attorney Be Consulted?

If a loved one has died suddenly under circumstances involving an accident or negligence of some kind, you should contact an attorney quickly. Learn about your rights, and what actions may be necessary to protect them. Delays can often result in loss of time to investigate, secure witness statements, and preserve important evidence.

There are generally two types of claims that arise from a wrongful death. A “survival action” is an action on behalf of the estate for medical bills and conscious pain and suffering caused by the injury. A “wrongful death claim” takes care of the survivors – and provides compensation for the grief, loss of relationship, loss of financial support, and other damages for a spouse, children, and parents that are left behind. Clients know that they can rely on the skill and experience of a wrongful death attorney at our firm to get the best results possible for their case. We are dedicated to aggressively representing our clients and fighting for their best interests.

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