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Lubbock Defective Products Attorney

We use more different products than any generation before us. Unfortunately, defective designs, manufacturing defects, or improper or inadequate warning labels can lead to serious harm. Product manufacturers often place profit over the safety of the people using their products, and injuries result.

Our globalized consumer economy brings many products from all across the world into our homes. Not every one of these products is manufactured or designed with the safety of the user in mind. Companies that cut corners in design or manufacturing to save money expose consumers and their families to danger. Dangerous products cause hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths annually.

Types of Defective Product Cases

Defective product cases fall primarily into three categories:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failures to warn or instruct

Many cases may involve more than one of these theories. At Hogan Law Firm, we are experienced at handling a variety of product cases, and understand their particular aspects.

Many defective product cases involve multi-jurisdictional legal issues that span the country or the globe. Almost as important as choosing the right law firm to handle a products case is selecting the right experts to analyze the case and help the jury to understand the mechanical and scientific principals involved. We work closely with experts in many disciplines to break a case down into its fundamental building blocks, and then create a high-impact presentation to instruct the jury and the court about the important aspects of the case.

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