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Helping Victims Who Have Been Injured In Motor Vehicle And Train Accidents In Texas, New Mexico and Colorado

When auto or train accidents happen, a personal injury attorney can help manage the insurance claims, handle the insurance companies and make sure that you are getting the compensation you deserve, so that you can keep your focus on recovering from your injuries. At Hogan Law Firm, located in Lubbock, our attorney, Robert Hogan, has more than 25 years of personal injury trial experience and is certified as a specialist in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization®. We help accident victims in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado secure compensation for their accident injuries.

Personal Injury Claims For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Texas, New Mexico and Colorado are considered “at-fault” states when it comes to car wrecks. This means that a person who causes an auto accident has to pay for the damages resulting from that accident. If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck, car accident or are a pedestrian who was hit by a car, we can help. In the case of commercial vehicle or semi-truck accidents, there may even be multiple parties who have legal accountability. The driver is responsible for following the rules and staying alert. The company that owns the truck is responsible for training and hiring quality drivers and maintaining their vehicles. No matter what type of motor vehicle accident caused your injuries, we can get to the bottom of who is responsible and help you seek the compensation you deserve. If you were involved in an accident that was caused by a driver who was under the influence, you may even be entitled to exemplary or punitive damages.

Texas Railroad And Train Accidents

With over 10,000 miles of train tracks and more than 16,000 railroad crossings in Texas, train accidents are a common occurrence in the state. Train derailments can lead to devastating railroad accidents that result in severe injuries, sometimes even death. Railroad litigation is complicated, in part due to federal regulations. Our personal injury and railroad accident attorney, Robert Hogan, is licensed in both state and federal courts in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. If someone you care about has been injured or killed in a train collision, Hogan Law Firm can help file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death action.

Injured In A Car Crash, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Wreck Or Train Derailment?

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